First Day of Kindergarten a.k.a. We Survived Drop Off

September 4, 2012

No tears.

I consider that a success.

He wanted there to be tears. So did I. So did Kenny. We all wanted to cry, but no one did. Well, everyone wanted to cry except Grace. Before she left this morning, she was jumping up and down with her arms over her head hollering ‘Woo hoo! I am going to be an older today!”. Ah, to be four years old and at the top of the age class for pre-school. Such joy.

Luckily, Gavin woke up in a great mood, had a great morning at home, and only had a tiny bit of nerves set in once we parked the car out front of school. He squeaked a very wobbly, “Mom, I am scared.” from the back seat once I put the car in park. I told him that it’s OK to be scared. I asked him if he remembered being scared when he started pre-school out here in Oregon. He said yes. I then said, “But after a little while, you stopped being scared and started to love it right? And you couldn’t wait to go and see your friends?” And he said yes. I said, “Well, Kindergarten will be just like that. It’s OK to be scared because you don’t know what’s going to happen. But your teacher is there to help you, and she’s new to this school, too, so you will be learning all about it together. And before you know it, you’ll know what to do and be excited instead of scared.” He managed a small smile.

I let him sit in the front seat while we waited for a few minutes for the doors to open. We talked. I told him his Pennsylvania buddy Owen and his family sent him a text to wish him good luck. That made him giggle. His favorite song du jour – Why is Dad So Mad? by Board of Education came on – and that garnered a tooth-filled grin (and some singing.)

When it was time to go in, he repeated that he was scared and slipped his hand into mine. I gave it three squeezes – which is our code for “I love you.” He squeezed back. As we approached the school, he said, “Mom, I am really not too sure about this.” in a very shaky voice – like he was almost ready to cry. I told him he will be great. He squeezed my hand harder. We ran into some of the older neighbors and that distracted him (in a good way).

We went in. It was so busy – kids, parents, and teachers everywhere. The din of an elementary school was oddly welcoming, and there was so much for him to look at. He held my hand as he looked all around. He remembered where to drop his lunch bag (bonus!) and then we headed up the steps to his room. He was the second child to arrive, and I put him to work turning in papers to his teacher. He then picked out some books and sat on the reading carpet. And after two hugs, a tousle of his hair, I left him looking at books with a child whom I hope becomes one of his new friends.

They haven’t called to tell me he was hysterical yet, so I am thinking he’s fine. 😉

Only five hours and 20 minutes until I pick him up.  Not that I am counting.

Yes, I am. Who am I kidding? LOL.

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