First Day of Kindergarten – He’s Home!

September 4, 2012

He’s home! I got a big smile when he found me in the “sea of anxious parents waiting to find Junior” crowd.

As I mentioned before, he’s pretty quiet, so I tried to butter him up while I dug for information I wanted to know about his day. I put my journalist hat on, hooked him up with a drink and a snack and went to town. He was laughing at me the whole time – mostly because I told him it was serious business and I need to write a story about him so both of his Grams could read about how his first day of Kindergarten was. For some reason, saying that he’s doing something for his Grams usually gets him to cooperate and they are both 3000 miles away. Not sure why that works, but I’ll take it.

 Mom: What was your first thought when you went into your classroom?

Gavin: Good. But I thought it was going to be kinda scary.



‘Cause why? (You can see how this is going to go.)

Because I thought the trash can was going to walk around the classroom. (Snarky grin.)

Have you ever seen a trash can do that before?

Yes. And Gracie got scared.

 I switched subjects. I am not trying for a Stephen King novel here. I just want some basic ‘how was your first day of Kindergarten’ facts.

 What did you do after I left?

I read books.

What kind?

I don’t know.

Dear heavens! He’s like a brick wall this kid. He’s not giving up any information. It’s only Kindergarten, son, tell me stuff while you are young and I will probably trust you / back off by the time you really don’t want me to know how your day is. Hahaha. Despite his non-answers, he was getting a kick out of the whole scene, so I kept at it.

What did you do after all the kids got there?

I sat on the carpet.

Nice. Just sat there? You didn’t do anything?

No. I just sat there.

 Let me come at this through another angle…

What was the teacher doing while you sat there?

Oh – she was reading.

 Ding! Ding! Ding! There you go, buddy – that’s what I was getting at!

What book?

The Dot book.

Did you like it?


And that’s it? You read a book and then came home?

No. I did other stuff.

Like what?

Well, everyone said their names. But I don’t know them.  I learned this (holds finger up to his mouth) – it means quiet down. I learned this (cups hands behind his ears) – it means to listen. I learned this (hugs himself) – it means settle my body down.

He collapsed into giggles, but continued…

Then I had lunch. I ate everything – like two peanut butter sandwiches (it was one, cut in half – haha), the granola bar – everything but the apple and some of my Goldfish.

I went outside, too. I played Super Mario – I was Luigi, some other guy was Mario.

What did you do after you came inside?

We colored dots and then it was free choice – I picked Legos with the guy who was Mario.

What’s his real name?

I don’t know. I just pretended he was Mario.

 (hahaha. I am sure this child’s parents would be delighted.)

What was your favorite part?

Going outside.

What was your least favorite part?

It was too short for lunch. I was still starving after lunch. Aaaaaand – I am still hungry right now. Like the hungriest kid in the world. Can I have a snack?

 Good segue, buddy, good segue.

What are you looking forward to doing when you go back on Thursday?

I hope I play Mario again on the big playground.

 So, he seemed happy. He asked if he could take the bus on Thursday. I said no. Hahaha. He asked why and I told him he will start with the bus on Monday. Although, as much as I am glad I had the opportunity to take him and pick him up, it’s really busy, so the bus is pretty appealing like my neighbors said it would be. I am going to see if I can send him on the bus – that will be another whole adventure, I’m sure!

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