I started going west coastal as a way to document my family’s story as we moved across the country from Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR way back in 2011. (Way simpler times, amirite?!) The stories evolved over time as we settled in and raised some young Portlanders who don’t know how to pronounce water and stop properly. (Being Philadelphia-born, they should say “wooder” and “stop”. Being mostly-Portland-raised, they say “wahter” and “stahp”. Fortunately, we can all still understand each other.

Unfortunately, in a selfish attempt to condition my writing chops, it appears I used to write about a lot of boring ess. Sorry about that. Good news (yea, no)…2020 had plans for us all, and suddenly, my Saturday nights are always free. Totally joking – they’ve almost always been free, 2020 shenanigans or not. I’m cool with that because in the before times, I’d burn all my introvert energy shaking the mom pom poms at like eight basketball and soccer games. (Shaking the mom pom poms – hahaha. I might never stop laughing at the imaginary visual of me doing that. #laidback #lowkey) Anyway, my point here is that I curated and re-organzied my blog stories during our extended time at home.

That’s all a very long way to say the stories still stashed here are some of my favorites. I’m still bringing all of my social posts over, so you’ll find them here soon, too. And…with any luck, I’ll continue to add new content.