Pediatricians and Snack Crackers

March 14, 2012

Since we’ve been here since the end of October, now seems like a good time to get the kids a pediatrician, right? Thankfully, we’ve been mostly healthy and haven’t required a visit yet – however, Grace turns four next month and needs a well visit.

I did some research and we made a choice this week. My research entailed a good old-fashioned Google search and reading some online reviews for different practices. It’s what all the good moms do when making an important decision like picking a doctor. (Note: this is a joke. Good moms probably call around, get personal recommendations and interview doctors like I’ve seen countless articles detailing. Me? I Googled. Back home? I asked the nurse in the maternity wing which one was close to my house. Don’t judge yet – it gets worse.)

I came across one practice that was intriguing. They promoted themselves in such a way that you kind of feel guilty for not choosing it. General philosophy was that a strong focus on good nutrition could alleviate many health issues – but was rooted in traditional medicine so your kids got the care they needed when they needed it, etc. I was getting so sucked up in the idea of such a pediatrician that I forgot my own reality, which is this: my kids love Cheez-Its. And when we are super busy, they have sometimes have Wendy’s (!) for dinner. Oh, and they have hot dogs. Of course we buy natural and organic where we can, and definitely limit junk food and juice, etc., but we’re not sticklers. And, honestly, I feared that the first time I showed up with a flu-ish Gavin that the 63 Cheez-Its he ate in the week leading up to the illness would be blamed. And that’s not really fair. To me or the Cheez-Its. So, yes, I decided against a practice so I didn’t have to hide my kids’ love of snack crackers. (You can judge me now.)

I thought again about what was really important to us. And it basically boiled down to this: do we know someone that likes the doctor? If so, that made me feel good. I had Kenny ask a work friend and we went with his recommendation. First appointment is next month. I am packing Grace a snack bag of Cheez-Its for the ride over. Hahaha.







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