March 2, 2012

God, I love kids.

It’s fun to be a neighborhood chock full of ’em! We’ve been told there are about 24 kids second grade and under on our block and the next one over. Should be a ton of fun once the weather gets nice.

Ok, back to the story at hand.


Praying that it’s not one of the adult neighbors, I reluctantly answer because I am definitely living the dream of working from home today (i.e. I *may* still be in my pajamas and rockin’ some hair that hasn’t been washed since Wednesday night.)

Two young ladies hand me a single rolled up antique brown page of a newspaper (i.e. definitely a piece of trash that was blowing around the cul-de-sac): “Hi! Here’s your newspaper. Can they play?” (They being Gavin and Grace. Maybe even Kenny. Rumors of how good he is at entertaining kids might have hit the West Coast, you never know.)

Me: “Aw, thanks, girls! You’re delivering newspapers today?”

Them: “Yea. Newspapers and money. We’re also giving out money to some poor people on the street.”

I only got a newspaper, but given how I am dressed at the moment, I am expecting the doorbell to ring aaaaaany second now with a delivery of some money.

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