Old Habits are Hard to Break

Two weeks in and I am having old-house-itis. It’s a bizarre affliction where I conduct day-to-day activities as I would have in my house. (A small positive about the fact that our dang house is STILL sitting on market: I can use the words ‘my house’. How’s that for a glass-half-full view?!)

Some examples:

  • I look for my colander in the same cabinet. But it’s not there. To be honest, I didn’t even know I had a colander until some time last week. Which means for the first week I lived here, I was using some creative draining techniques. My favorite was trying to drain through the pot lid while maneuvering pot holders so as not to sear my fingerprints off. I never cursed while doing this. Never. Hahaha.
  • I reach under the sink to turn on the garbage disposal. Every time. The switch here is on the wall.
  • I now need two shampoos and two conditioners. And never remember that I only have one set until I am already in the shower…and, of course, the set is in the kids’ bathroom.
  • I go to the same drawers for my clothes – even though the furniture here  is ENTIRELY different.
  • I open the freezer to grab drinks. Our old fridge was upside down, so the fridge part was on the top. This one makes me the craziest.

Creature of habit? Just a lil bit.



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