Parking in a Garage

With this move comes yet another novelty for us: parking in a garage. Sounds strange, I know. But neither of us has ever lived in a place where garage parking was an option. And in temporary housing, it’s a requirement. Well, for one of our cars at least. The other one is left to fend for itself in the parking lot. Or is it? Might be better off – read on.

We are now taking bets as to who lops off a side mirror first. The garage is SO SLIM. Like Kenny has to let me out of the car before pulling in because you can’t center the car in the garage so all the doors open. You have to pull it in tight to the right so the driver and back seat riders can get out. I tried climbing over into the driver’s seat and hopping out that way. But given the fact that I am 35 and nowhere near graceful (even as a kid!), the preferred option is to let me out before parking so as not to scar the children with haunts of their mother flopping around the front seat like a hippo navigating lily pads on a tranquil pond.

At first, I thought it was just me not being used to parking in a garage. But no. It’s actually that the garage is tiny. We’ve tried collapsing the mirrors in before backing out. Kenny’s pretty good at that. I am not. I need those suckers to navigate. It’s really scary. I am terrified that I am going to peel off the car paint by scraping the side down the garage entrance. And because I have psyched myself out, I won the prize for first accident in the garage. I mis-judged the front end and tapped the wall of the house. Wooooooops!  The look on Kenny’s face when I told him that was priceless. No physical damage. Only mental. Turns out that the thing I should have been most scared about with this move was a normal convenience of suburban living. Haha.

Consequently, I am now an advocate for an additional segment of the driver’s test. Parallel parking – no problem for this former city gal. Garage parking – definitely an acquired skill. Hopefully, I am out of here before I have to master it!

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