My Last Jenkintown Bastions
Today is a momentous day.

I finally hit the ‘opt out’ button on the e-mail list for our old Pediatrician back in Jenkintown.

We’ve lived here 2 years, three months and nine days. (Impressed that I know that? Don’t be. I totally cheated and counted back. It’s probably wrong because I did it quickly and didn’t double-check my math.) Apparently today – more than any other day up until this point – I decided I had enough of their e-mail and mustered up the energy to click ‘opt out’ at the bottom of the message announcing their practice’s Facebook page. 😉

We’ve had a new Pediatrician for two years – so I’ve been getting double reminders for everything…despite the fact that Gavin and Grace haven’t been to the Jenkintown office in well over two years AND they knew we were moving because a) we told them and b) we paid them ridiculous amounts of money to get all their files to bring with us. Kind of funny, really. E-mail used to be a preferred means of communicating and now it’s reactive to the point that it’s almost an afterthought.

Oh – and last week I finally officially switched my Living Social and Groupon offers to Portland. Whoa. I am a big-time Portlander now.

I am not sure what this opt-out / info update delay says about me – carefree? fear of missing something? fear of committing? Making sure this Portland thing worked out so I didn’t have to give them my e-mail address / update my info again if I moved back? With over two years in, I think it’s safe to say things are working out, so let’s call it an apathetic afterthought.  [superlike]

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