New School. New Food. Two Tired Kids.

This school thing is kickin’ it!

The school itself is, quite frankly, amazing…making the fact that it costs a whole ‘nother mortgage payment an easier pill to swallow. (Not easy. But easier.) Combine that with the fact that they both crash by about 7:30 p.m. now (and both are napping on a Saturday afternoon as I type this!), and we’ve got a good thing startin’.

Some pretty cool stuff:

They do sports rotations – so every five weeks, Gavin and Grace will be participating in different activities which include: swimming, field hockey, soccer, basketball, yoga. Hilarious! They have music every Friday. They take nature walks around campus. They have an awesome outdoor play area with all kinds of neat equipment like this and this and this and this. They offer services like hair cuts and eye exams and pictures and book fairs. And they go outside everyday – even in the rain. (The teachers joked they’d never go out if they didn’t go out in the rain. So far, it’s been sunny every day since we arrived. Woo hoo!)

But this is the part I find most hilarious – they feed them a hot lunch everyday. All organic, and with vegetables they grow themselves outside in their garden. Kenny and I are delighted by this. However, Gavin and Grace really like to eat the same things over and over and over. For lunch, this is usually natural peanut butter on a graham cracker (or on a spoon if you’re Grace some days.) So… I am absolutely tickled by the notion that they will sit down at a table, where organic foods will be put in front of them, that they will then spoon onto their own plates and eat. This may be one of the only times I hope peer pressure pays off and they dive right in!

No pay offs. They aren’t buying the whole lunch scene so far. Gavin squealed the whole ride home Wednesday that he was soooooooooo thirsty and sooooooooo hungry; although, his teacher said he ate a lot of noodles and meat sauce and melon (MEAT SAUCE! This is already a breakthrough!) at lunch. Grace just had noodles and melon.

Thursday, lunch was lentil curry over rice. Needless to say, they ate pretty much non-stop from the time they walked through the door until bedtime that day. (They did, however, eat the peas and mango that was served on the side; Grace had rice.)

Friday, they had spaghetti, meatballs, brussel sprouts and fruit. (Well, some kids had brussel sprouts. Mine did not.)

Snack time went from this to this.

And on Friday afternoon Gavin whispered to me ‘Mom, they only have water to drink here!’

Hahahaha. Oh, healthy eating. This is going to be a whole new world for them – taking them right back to their early days of table food. Hahahaha!

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