First Day of School

October 27, 2011

Gavin and Grace started school yesterday. Full time. For the first time ever.

Since birth, they’ve been in our house with a babysitter while Kenny and I worked elsewhere in the house. Yes, that’s right, we were all home, all the time. In recent years, they went to pre-school a few mornings a week, but being out of the house for five full days a week is going to blow their minds.

Gavin had a few tears. He cries when things are new and unknown. He’ll be ok in a few days. He hugged Kenny hard (following his own advice!) and had a great first day. He made new friends and was really well behaved.

Grace wrung her hands together as she does when she’s uncertain or scared. But a few of the girls in the class came running up to her – one showed off her cat shirt and another a purple sparkly heart necklace; Grace was grinning ear-to-ear when we waved goodbye to her at the window.

I thought about them so often throughout the day. It was odd not to have them around. I mean, I didn’t really see them when they were home and I was working upstairs, but I would sometimes hear them playing. Just knowing they were there was comforting. Sigh. Such change.

But the instant I saw them when I picked them up that afternoon, I knew it was going to be okay. When I walked out into the play area, I caught them sliding down the double slide together – giggling all the way. They did this 4 more times before they even realized I was watching them. Of course, I didn’t have my camera. But it was one of those things I think will always stay with me. The late afternoon sun was hitting them just right. They were so clearly happy and having fun. And they were looking at each other as they slid – Gavin just slightly faster than Grace, with his head turned so he could still watch her slide down.

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