Halloween is a *tad* bit different in Portland…so far

We took the kids to the Oregon Zoo today for Howloween – and faced some fierce fog on the drive over.


It was so much fun. It is a gorgeous zoo – and has hiking trails built right in. Sure, they are manufactured hiking trails, but they count as brief bouts of hiking. (Look at me, ma! Hiking after only five days!)

The kids participated in a scavenger hunt to collect stamps from stations around the zoo. When their forms were filled in, they turned them in on the way out for a bag of “treats”. Portland-style treats. All-natural bites of deliciousness that included:

So far, I’ve been passed a Cherry Pie and Chocolate Chip Brownie Lärabar. At least they tried it. I found them both delicious. I would totally buy them.

It’s definitely hilarious though. A wild (Groan. I know. Pun. I can’t resist sometimes!) departure from the Reese’s cups and Snickers I am sure they were expecting. They are totally looking forward to Monday. I am, too. But mostly to see if anyone gives out real, bad-for-you-and-potentially-the-environment-too chocolate and candy treats.

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