Exuding Calm

Many people – friends, relatives, colleagues – have commented about how calm I am about moving across the country. It’s mostly true. I am a big believer in “everything will work itself out – so why worry?” I will say, however, that my mind is very active. At any given point, I have about five different thought streams going.

Depending on the time of day, something like this is going on inside my head:

Early morning – “How many hours until I can flop back in bed?”; “How many meetings do I have? Ugh. Six!? How is that possible? I am going to have to work late to get actual work done.”; “Hmmmm. What’s Grace wearing to school today? Huh. There’s less than two weeks until Halloween – better squeeze in another wear of the Halloween shirt.”; “I need coffee. It might be a two-cup morning.”

Mid-day – pretty much all work with some random ridiculous moving questions popping into my consciousness at any given moment. “Did I send that org announcement draft back to my boss? Yes. Did I submit – OH NO! Are we going to have to hire someone to cut our lawn once we move until the house sells?” Things like that.

Late day – Lots of work stuff, coupled with some home stuff. “What am I going to make for dinner? What’s left in the pantry? OK – how about Chicken Parm. Wait. I don’t have chicken. Or sauce. Or ingredients to make sauce. All I really have for that meal is the pasta and veggie side. Pantry surprise is not working out as planned.”; “Wait, what’s today? Thursday. Nuts. Gavin will have Pre-K homework tonight.”

So, not *quite* calm, but good to hear I am not visibly freakin’ out.

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