Paperwork Follies

File under things we didn’t think about.

I was filling out the paperwork for daycare, you know…standard stuff that should have been a breeze to complete. (Well, other than the questions evaluating my childrens’ psychological state of mind – like ‘how does your child express their emotions? what does he / she do when they are angry?’ Uh… They’re pre-schoolers. Depends on what’s happening. They are deliriously happy one minute and throwin’ fits the next. They’re usually pretty shy in public, so teacher, you should be in the clear! Another favorite was describing their daily toilet habits. Really. I had to write down that one urinates and has a bowel movement five times daily and the other is more regular with four pees and one bowel movement … usually in the early afternoon. Yes. Yes. For real. I really had to write that. In pen. So someone could read it. And do something about it. I understand why I have to answer these things, but it still tickles me.)

OK, tangent over – back to the post!

Three problems I encountered:

1) We don’t have an address to put down. Corporate housing!

2) We don’t have a home phone number. You need to put home phone number, work phone number, mobile phone number.

3) We don’t have an emergency contact in the area … and one is required.

The last one is especially tricky considering the only person I know in Oregon is our realtor. And I have met him twice. He’s nice…but I don’t think we’re close enough that I can say ‘hey buddy, can you be our ‘in case of emergency’ contact for the kids?’ Although, we haven’t yet purchased a house, so maybe this could be a carrot? “Be our emergency contact and we’ll buy a house?” Probably not.

Hopefully, Kenny makes a whole lot of friends on campus really fast! Of course, we’ll put their grandparents down, but we need someone to bridge the gap since it would take them AT LEAST 8 hours to be on the ground in Oregon. Weeeeeee! This is getting good.


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