Familiar Voices

I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately, which stinks. Lots of exciting things going on back home…all of which we’re missing. And most of it involves super fun things like babies and weddings.

On the positive side, I’ve discovered that hearing a familiar voice can totally make you feel better. I had the chance to catch up with my oldest friend tonight. (Well, hmm. Not sure how to say that. Because she’s not the oldest age-wise, but she’s the gal I’ve been friends with the longest. Like practically my sister…).

My favorite part about this is that we both had so much to say that I felt like we were 13 again (save for the klutziness I covered here.) It was so much fun. We were literally talking over one another trying to get out one funny story after the next…and just catching up on life in general. I miss her. A lot. But in a weird way, maybe this move will be a good thing and give me the chance to make time for her (and others). At home, it was so easy to take everyone’s proximity for granted. Like I knew there would always be a next time to call, visit, etc.  Now, connecting with people that I know and love and who know and love me…it’s different. Well maybe not different. Maybe it’s just that I stop and appreciate it. And appreciate them.

Wow. Pass the tissues.

In a few weeks, we’ll get to actually SEE and SPEND TIME WITH some more of our close friends. I am really looking forward to that. Because I miss them, too. (And since this blog was pretty much a Debbie Downer, I promise I won’t blog about that reunion – hahahaha.)

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  1. This one was a sniffler! It has to be so hard. We miss you tons too. and can not WAIT for a whole week!

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