File under things we didn’t think about – who takes care of sick kids?

In Philadelphia, it was easily managed between our babysitter and mom and dad. In Portland, someone has to take the day off.

Yesterday, that was me. Well, sorta. I had some things to get done for work (no conference calls, amazingly!), so Grace camped out on the couch with pillows and blankets and the Disney Channel and I got to it. That lasted a good long while … then, naturally, she grew tired of that and decided she’d be my office mate.

She came into my office and explored a bit. Sat on my lap and quizzed me about what I was doing. “Why you typin’? Who you talkin’ to on your computer? What are you sayin’ to them? Now what are you doin’? Ohhhh – that looks pretty.” Like a mini-boss.

She quickly tired of that and shimmied back down to the floor. Clearly feverish, she broke into song (like a modified version of A Farmer in the Dell), “You like to work! You really like to work. You really, really, really like TO WORK! And you like your computer, tooooooo!” She finished with a twirl, declared she was tired, and scampered off. She came back a few minutes later, set up a floor bed…and went promptly to sleep. Yes, on my office floor. If this doesn’t win me mom of the year, I am not sure what will.

(Yes, yes, I transferred her back to the couch!)





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