Makeshift dresser

August 8, 2012


I was going through pictures this weekend and realized I never shared a number of funnies from our moving / unpacking / setting up house adventures. And since we still have a garage full of stuff to go through, I have a feeling there’s a whole lot of hilariousness hiding out in boxes waiting to be discovered.

Here’s today’s gem – Kenny set up this box of tee shirts in a box on a side as a makeshift dresser. If this doesn’t say class, I don’t know what does, folks. He positioned it under the window in our bedroom. Just like you’d do with an actual piece of furniture. I think my favorite part about this was watching him kneel down to pick out his tee shirts for work everyday. LOL!!!!!

[imagebrowser id=14]

Thankfully, that box and the surrounding mess have since gone. I am glad I took some pics. It’s hilarious. And I don’t think anyone would believe that he actually did this if I hadn’t.

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