Feet on a Plane (a.k.a. Just no.)

November 3, 2014

Generally, I am OK with people getting comfortable on a long plane ride.

But not if it means your stocking foot is so close to me I can feel the warmth of its recent tight shoe home radiating in my direction. (And sadly, I actually took that pic with my right arm from the right side of the plane with no zoom. This stranger foot was that close to me.)

Common decency goes a long way folks, particularly when it comes to your feet in an enclosed space for a prolonged period of time.  And for the love of all that is good in this world, if you are going to stick your feet close enough to me that I can massage them with little to no physical effort on my part, at least have the common decency to have read the latest GQ and know that patterned mens’ socks are all the rage. I mean a girl likes a little fancy for her troubles, ya know? Plain brown, wide-ribbed? So last month.

’til next time…

Love, your favorite cranky business traveler. (That’s me. In case you didn’t pick that up.)

P.S. At least his fingernails were short and clean. Unlike the dude I covered here.



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