Busy, Busy, Busy. With a Side of Cray.

February 25, 2014

Well, 2014 has come in like a lion. My word.

Work has never been busier. Millions of deadlines and millions of trips so far. And it’s only February.  Home life is busy, too, but that’s all good. We’re getting to that stage of parenting where each child has their own set of activities / friends / parties, etc., so we’re running all over the place.

But you know what this means? I am having trouble keeping my sh!t together – to a comical fault. I am used to being busy, but I feel like I am operating in a whole ‘nother level of insanity lately.

Case in point?

After picking up the Gs from after school care yesterday, I popped over to the food store to grab a handful of things I had forgotten to get on Sunday. (You know, when I was already food shopping for the week! Ha!)  I had grand (and planned) aspirations of whipping up chicken noodle soup for dinner, but my mind seems to be thinking of everything at once lately (causing me to retain nothing), and I didn’t get carrots and celery on Sunday. Kind of essential for chicken noodle soup if you want it to have any flavor, right? So here we were at the store. Luckily, my brain was sharp enough to also grab a few more things I would need for other dinners on this week’s menu during food shopping trip #2. Yay, me.

Sometimes, when shopping, I fake like I am a good Portlander and skip the brown paper bag, and just throw everything in my tote (i.e. my purse.) I did this yesterday.

You know what I didn’t do when I got home?

Unpack my bag.

We got home so late, and I had to finish a few more things for work, so chicken soup was out; take-out was in. (I love how ambitious I am with my weeknight dinner plans sometimes. Truly.)  I literally just threw my bag on the console table, carried the groceries that were in my hands to the kitchen and put them away, and didn’t give my bag another thought.

Until about 10 minutes ago. As in the day after I went to the food store.

I went to grab my lip balm…and saw celery. And a brick of parmesan. And parsley.

Luckily, we really hate to be hot and keep the thermostat turned down low.

Everything seemed to be in OK shape.

We’ll see how Kenny and the kids do with their Chicken Noodle Soup with Purse Celery and Parsley tonight. 🙂



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