Frozen and Friends. (And I don’t mean the weather.)

February 12, 2014

Grace is slightly obsessed with the movie Frozen.  She sings the songs constantly (sometimes backing her sweet voice with some strums on her guitar). (No, she has no idea how to play guitar, but that’s all part of the fun. Haha.)

Last night, she asked me if she could wear “Elsa hair” to school today. Nope. Not a wig. She wanted me to, you know, “puff it up in the front, then have it in a long, long braid in the back” so she “could throw it over her shoulder, like this” (picture a blondish, big blue-eyed pip swooshing her shoulder-length hair to one side and rapidly finger-combing it into the creation she wanted.)

This tickled me for some reason. Mostly because she was SO excited to have this hairstyle without a care in the world that I am actually quite terrible at hair styling. There was that, and there was the fact that she had no concept that her hair was probably too short to style this way even if ‘dos were my thing. (She personally cut all her hair off about two years ago, so having to do her long-ish hair everyday is kinda a new phenomenon for me. We got by with hair clips, bows and whale-spouts for a good, long time. I imagine most moms of five-year-old girls with long-ish or long hair are well ahead of the styling curve here. 🙂 )

I figured she’d forget after a good night’s sleep and I could get by with the normal pig tails or half-up / half-down look.


This morning, I asked her to start brushing her hair. “Ok, Mom, but don’t forget: ELSA.”


So, I tried the Elsa. I did this faux french braid-y thing that was really just an embarrassment to her pretty hair and french braids everywhere. And because it’s kinda too short for that, little wisps promptly started falling out. We undid it.

Next, I tried fudge the Elsa. I swept all her hair into a low side ponytail and braided it. Except it’s too short to braid – so I only got like two braids in. It stuck out from the side of her head not unlike Pippi Longstocking and I knew that wasn’t gonna fly with her. So I left the pony, but took the braid out and said, “How about just a regular pony tail – but on the side like Elsa?” She said, “Let me check.” and pranced to the mirror.

“Uh, no, you need to braid it like this.” And she stuck her fingers in the ponytail and mimed what she thought actual braiding looked like. In real life, it looked like she was giving the pony tail noogies. Hair was flying every which way, and when she was done, she looked like she was auditioning to be a back up singer for a Poison concert circa 1985.

I said I would try again. This time, I put one small braid in the ponytail. She didn’t like that either. Hahaha.

She looked up at me from under her frowny eyebrows and said, “Mom! I need to look like Elsa. So-and-so and I promised each other we’d wear Elsa hair today. I have to do it!”

Seriously? She’s planning matching hair styles with her girlfriends in Kindergarten at the age of five?! And I have to not only pull this off before my first cup of coffee and within eight minutes of the bus arriving, but also live with the mom guilt that I am utterly ruining her scene because I stink at hair and her hair’s too short? I may need Bailey’s in my morning coffee if this is gonna keep up.

I told her we needed her hair to grow some more and that mommy’s hair wasn’t even long enough for “the Elsa”. She sighed and said, “Fine. I’ll take one pony tail. Not high. Low.”

And a low pony it was.

The best part? So-and-so didn’t have Elsa hair today either. That right there is what I call telepathic mom solidarity.


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