Road trip: Hanging with the Sea Lions in the Port of Astoria

July 2, 2013

You may remember our road trip to Astoria last November to check out the town, see the sea lions and generally visit the cute little town where Goonies  was filmed when my brother and his family were in town. (Click here to read about our visit to the Goondocks in case you missed it the first time!)

Overall, it was a really fun day. Astoria was great.

One of the highlights (as expected) was seeing the sea lions in the Port of Astoria. It seemed everywhere we went in town, we could hear these guys barking. There’s a ton of waterfront space in Astoria, so I was slightly worried we wouldn’t find them. Thankfully, we did. I’ve included some pictures of them hanging out on the dock. (And a few of us hanging out near them 😉 )

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