The Goondocks

November 17, 2012

Our visitors left on Tuesday. Sad, of course, but slightly less sad because we’ll see them in a few weeks for the holidays. Woo hoo! I think we did a decent job of showing them around. We may have finally gotten it right after four rounds of visitors this year. Fifth time’s the charm?

Anyway, one of our favorite day trips turned out to be a visit to Astoria, Oregon. I’ve wanted to go there since we moved here – for a few reasons:

1) It’s America’s first permanent settlement on the Pacific Coast.

2) It has real live sea lions lounging about on the piers.

3) Uh, it’s where the Goonies was filmed.

For me, and I am guessing many of you that spent some formative years in the ’80s, Goonies was a childhood favorite. My friend Megan and I obsessed over Sean Astin. My brother and I watched it any chance we got – and could pretty much recite it line by line.

Astoria is really cool. Sure, sure – we had a great lunch and visited with the sea lions. BUT – we also went to the Goondocks. THE GOONDOCKS!!!

Dennis, Gavin and Grace truffle shuffled. Since I am a 36-year-old that carried two babies that rivaled Butterball turkeys … I decided not to terrify the sweet Goonie Hill neighborhood. We snapped a ton of pictures and left a little donation to keep this ’80s cinematic memory in tact.

The strangest thing? Real people live there. In fact, I read the house was recently on the market. Interesting. There was only one other looky-loo family there when we visited, but they didn’t get out of the car. We totally did. Hahaha. I felt a little strange hanging out in someone’s actual driveway taking pictures of their house, but I guess that comes with territory when you buy the Goondocks?

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