Rolling Rockin’ PDX

June 27, 2013

Portland is a beer nirvana for micro and craft brews. It was recently named to the number 1 spot in CNN’s “8 Best Beer Towns in America“. For the record, Philadelphia also made the list. That means that no matter what “home” state Kenny and I are in, we won’t be disappointed by the beer selection :).

Local beers are so prevalent in the aisles of Portland stores that I barely notice the national brands anymore. Haha. That said, you can imagine my surprise when I got sight of a young fella in the local supermarket buying this:

Rolling Rock in PDX

Yes. That’s a sixer of Rolling Rock. As in my Dad’s beer. As in the one that’s brewed (or at least was brewed!) in good old Latrobe, PA. As in the one my best friend and I (and my brother and his friends for that matter) used to favor because it was the beer of choice for our families.

How about that? 🙂

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