East vs. West Coast Desserts – Round 1: Cannolis

June 25, 2013

I had a funny realization last weekend at a potluck.

Side note: This was my first-ever “potluck”. Technically. I think back home, we’d have called it a barbeque. Maybe not though, since there wasn’t grilling involved. But it felt like a barbeque to me – haha. Either way, it was fun.

My best friend’s mom always made cannoli dip at parties and I always loved it. I thought this would be a fun thing to bring to the potluck, so I found a recipe and whipped up a batch to take with me.

I set it out along with graham crackers and one of the potluck-goers commented that it looked good. Her daughter asked her what it was. I was still standing there so I said, “Cannoli dip.” and smiled. Polite blank stares. Hmmmm. I quickly followed up with, “I just realized that maybe cannolis aren’t a thing here.” and giggled. I then went into a long explanation about being from Philadelphia and cannolis are a coveted dessert item for many (if not all! haha) East Coasters and this was a deconstructed version of them.

I then took an informal poll of some other potluck-goers and it seems that cannolis are perhaps offered in some authentic Italian eateries, but they aren’t really a Portland thing per se. Leave it me to bring a dessert that people never heard of – hahaha.

I was fascinated by this new found difference in the East and West Coast dessert scenes. You know I Googled ‘cannolis in portland oregon‘ when I got home. Hahaha. Turns out, they are available in some bakeries, most notably DiPrima Dolci. And – of course – there’s a food cart that serves them. I would have been disappointed if this were not the case. Haha.

Anyway, I used this cannoli dip recipe from Cooking Classy. I used milk instead of cream, halved the amount of milk and served it up with honey grahams and chocolate grahams. Delish.

I am not sure I converted any believers over to me and Kenny’s ‘We heart cannolis’ fan club, but there’s always the July 4th block party, right? I fully expect the West Coast chapter to take off then. 😉

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