First Week of Kindergarten Down; 37 to Go

September 10, 2012

So, we survived the first week of Kindergarten. Woo hoo!

Since it was so dramatic last week, I figured I should share how it ended.

I went to volunteer for Kindergarten lunch.  I figured doing this every other Friday would be a good way for me to meet other parents, right? Plus, I’d be supporting Gavin. It was good – very easy and kind of funny to see how Kindergartners act in large groups. I met some moms, so that was nice. As for supporting Gavin? Hmmm.

My neighbor’s daughter was way more excited to see me than Gavin – she ran right over to me, took my hand and asked me to sit with her. Gavin? I didn’t even notice he came into the cafeteria until he was halfway done his sandwich. He was looking at me out of the corner of his eye as I helped another child with a juice box. We locked eyes and he smirked and did a little wave. I said hi. He said hi. I said – are you OK? He said yes. I blame this less-than-enthusiastic response on the fact that he was sitting at a table of all ladies and I was ruining his game. (Just kidding. I asked him later if he didn’t want me to help with lunch anymore. He said – I like you there, but I don’t really like you to talk to me. Uh, dude, I said “Hi” and “Are you OK?” Last I saw you, you were crying and riding a bus down the street with a stranger and a bunch of kids neither of us knew (save for a few!). That said, I think he meant to say “Thanks for not hugging and kissing me, Mom.” Hahaha. My neighbor’s daughter gave me a hug before heading outside to play; Gavin offered me a five. I am glad I did it, and glad I know not to talk to him when I see him in public already. Sheesh. I was expecting that to happen at like 10 or 12, not five. Hahaha.

He rode the bus home. I waited at the corner with the moms. We chatted. Someone looked at their watch and realized it was 3:30 p.m. The bus was supposed to come at 3:15.  Hmmmm. Two minutes later, some of the older kids came running around the corner. They told us they got dropped off at the top of the street around the block. Mild mom worry ensued as we rounded the corner, walking briskly in search of our kids. Weeeeeeeeeee! Nothing like sending your child on the bus for the first time ever and having a drop-off mishap. Hahaha. Gavin came bounding around the next corner with his friends and they were all laughing. Phew. I figured he was fine… but still, it would have been awesome if they dropped him off at the corner where I watched him board this morning. If only to save me from taking a few Tums.

He told me he likes going to school, but that he’s still a little scared. We keep telling him that it’s OK to be scared – new things are scary until you get used to them – and that he’ll be less and less scared with each passing day. He’s not buying it…yet. How do I know? I stood on the corner and waved to his sweet little crying face through the bus window this morning.

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