First Visitors

February 6, 2012


This morning we said goodbye to a few friendly faces from back home. Kenny’s parents came out for the weekend – it was such a nice time and so GOOD to see them!

I especially enjoyed their visit, as my list of folks I know locally is still paltry:

  1. Our realtor. He remains the person I spoke to the most and as the days since we bought this house whizz by, his place at the top of my list of people I’ve spoken to the most in Oregon besides my immediate family gets increasingly pathetic.
  2. Teachers. I speak to Gavin’s and Grace’s teachers a few times a month when Kenny’s traveling or has late meetings and I am in charge of picking them up. And I really only talk to them about things I also talk to Kenny about (i.e. our kids!), so I feel like they really shouldn’t count at all. (Side note: I should add a qualifier to the criteria for making this list. If you are not bringing new and interesting content or topics to a face-to-face discussion, you don’t make the list.)
  3. … I said “Hi, I am Bridget.” to one new neighbor on Saturday and another on Sunday (She was eight. It still counts!). I also had a 20 minute discussion with another neighbor who is also from Philadelphia, but he was more eager to talk about Philadelphia than I was, so I didn’t say too much. I let him have his fix. But let’s just say he’d be wise to have earplugs handy the next time we meet.

So… visitors, as you might expect, are very, very exciting for me. (Yes, that is a hint, mother. Book a flight. But stop reading now so you still want to come see us.)

As it turns out…..I am not the hostess with the mostess. This is disappointing because I tried very hard. But, really, if you welcome your guests to a warm, cozy, nicely blanketed bed after a long day of traveling across the country and this happens the moment they try to settle in for a long winter’s nap, can you recover?


How about if your reaction is ‘WAIT! I have to get my camera so I can take pictures for the blog!’ instead of ‘OH MY GOODNESS, I AM SO TERRIBLY SORRY! ARE YOU OK?’

Probably not.

Yes. That’s a bed. And yes, those are the slats that the assembler didn’t put together right so our guests crashed through the bed onto the ground when they went to go to sleep. Kenny and I were downstairs – heard a crash. We looked at each other. Kenny quipped, “That can’t be good.” I smirked. Then we heard a second crash. Kenny laughed and said – “All right. I better go check it out.” And that is what he found. Sigh. So glad we paid IKEA’s assembly contractors to put it together for us. Love it when an investment pays off. Haha.


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