A Few Funnies from Unpacking

January 30, 2012


Sure, unpacking is mostly annoying. However, it’s also given us some of the best belly laughs we’ve had in a while.

Besides the obvious you-don’t-have-to-do-it-yourself thing, the beauty of having packers come in and box up your whole house for you is that it make UNpacking *quite* an adventure. We had no idea what was in each box other than a super generic description on the outside: “His office” – yea, save that for later. Or never since “he” is going to a real office now. “Her office” – heck yea! Unpack that baby so I can do some work. “Toys” – yes, open. “Lamp shades” – um, no. Or at least not until I find the “lamp bases”. “Liquids in Glass” – code for party in a box. Heck yea – open it. Now. That’s not fast enough. The outsides of the boxes were delightful enough – but once we got them open – oh boy!

Some funnies within:

  • A gallon sized bag o’ change wrapped in the mover’s paper. (I probably would have deposited this. Who knew Kenny had a secret stash of cash?! Granted, there’s a lotta pennies, but they add up.)
  • Pez dispensers. Individually wrapped of course. (I would have trashed these. Kenny would have filled them, eaten the contents, then trashed them.)
  • Plastic shopping bags. Yes. In a box. Like they are our prized possessions. (I would have recycled these or something.)
  • Brown shopping bags. Some with plastic bag wrappers. YES! I can recycle magazines now. (Again, probably not something I would have moved across the country.)
  • A bobby pin, tweezers aaaaand old glasses (like three pairs ago old). Yes. That’s one single bobby pin. Not multiples. Not a pack. Just one. Wrapped in a piece of mover’s paper with tweezers and old glasses. That’s a good time right there. I don’t think Kenny and I have EVER laughed as hard as we did when we unwrapped that.
  • The tray from the bottom of our toaster oven. Wrapped by itself. With crumbs. Burnt crumbs. Separate and apart from the toaster oven – which we didn’t find until a few boxes later. (I would have definitely run this through the dishwasher at the very least!!!)

This is just a sampling of the hilarity that comes with not packing your own stuff. At certain points, we were convinced that the movers were just messing with us. They had to be. We’re game for some laughs, so it’s all good. I just wish we could text them and tell them how much we enjoyed some of their work.

With only about 40 boxes to go (hahaha), I have decided that it’s a VERY good thing that I did not have to pack. Because I would have been overly thoughtful, and clearly, this is more of an anything goes type of thing:


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