Crafting a Christmas from Scratch

December 17, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like…huh. Beige walls with white trim. And no festive options because, well, yup. You guessed it. All of our Christmas decorations are still in storage – but were delivered to the new house today. (Probably won’t be priority items to unpack. Haha.)

Since the kids are 5 and 3, we really couldn’t just skip decorating. Gavin has asked no less than 10 times when we are getting a tree. On top of quipping “Mom, we should gets lights like that house.” and “Dad – check out THAT house – they are REALLY going to have a Merry Christmas over there.” Great, buddy. Rub it in. I am already salty that I won’t have a tree and can’t decorate and am still living in this apartment. You’re puttin’ me increasingly on par with the Dead Sea with each of your sweet, innocent observations.

So, three weeks ago, I decided I had to make Christmas from scratch…and on the cheap. I didn’t really want to make a big investment because 1) we already have a ton of stuff – just no way to get to it and 2) we are moving today – literally as I type.

Remember my threat to Kenny that’d he have to spend time in Michaels for this very purpose if we weren’t in a house by Thanksgiving? Clearly not scary enough. So, off to Michaels we went. I picked up some paper, some tacky gum, some felt, paint, string, canvas and flower pots.The kids and I had a ton of fun creating a “Winter Wonderland” for Kenny to return home to after a very long business trip.

First up – Painted Flower Pot Trees. I particularly liked this craft because it filled multiple chunks of time – so it kept the Gs busy!

We made hand print tree canvases.

We made paper trees for our bedroom doors.

I pulled this baby together while watching The Hangover at least four times two weekends ago.

I surprised the kids with their very own reindeer stable one morning. (Hey! What can I say – Kenny was away, and I was bored on the weekend after the kids went to bed.)

So… not our usual Christmas, but pretty fun and festive nonetheless.

Oh, and not it! for taking it all down on Sunday when we leave the apartment!

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