Heating the Apartment

Yesterday, I awoke with a swollen, sore throat. It was incredibly foggy outside and frost covered…well, everything. I felt as if I was coming down with something….especially when chills set in around mid-day. I figured I’d boost the heat and try to tame the chills.

We don’t have a normal thermostat where I can go, punch in (or dial) that I’d like it to be 68 degrees. Instead I have these knobs that I set to different settings for a ‘comfort zone’ in 10 degree increments. So, I twisted it to some vague point between 60 and 70. Flames burst alive in the fireplace. Huh. I turned it back down. This could not possibly be how I heat the apartment. Back up. Flames. Back down. No flames. Interesting. I checked for air vents in the main living area. None. Radiators – none. Hmmmm.

I went on a sleuthing mission around the apartment and discovered we have baseboard heat. I found another knob that I assume heats the front two bedrooms. I went back to the living room to look for baseboard heaters there. No gots. We definitely are supposed to heat the living room with the fireplace. HAHAHAHAHA. I can see us this weekend huddled around the fireplace trying to keep warm. I guess the good news it that’s a gas fireplace and I don’t have to chop my own wood. Aaaaand, I don’t have to head to the camp grounds to roast my own marshmallows.

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