So long, Philadelphia; Hello, Portland!

Our 7:15 a.m. Monday flight came really quickly. We were exhausted – all of us. I was especially cranky. I attribute this to a few things:

  • I really couldn’t see because my eyes were so swollen from all the crying I did the day before.
  • I am insanely bloated because I have been eating nothing but junk for pretty much a week straight due to our lack of kitchen facilities. I really can’t remember the last time I had a substantial serving of vegetables. My digestive tract loves me. Loves.
  • Oh, right. And I am kind of scared about the road ahead, leaving me with little patience for anything, especially being in an airplane all day.

Luckily, my family never disappoints and always lifts my spirits. We arrived uneventfully in Portland, picked up our rental car and headed out to our temporary housing. But not before this giant stack of everything currently in our possession came tumbling down in the middle of the cross-walk leaving the airport in front of four cars who stopped to let us pass. Boy, I’ll bet they were sorry. Hopefully, none of them YouTubed it.

By the way, rounding out this tower was me pushing our double stroller, which contained two kids, my purse and a bag. Oh, and I was pulling a carry on bag. Ridic.

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