Camping Out. Ok, ok. Camping In.

When I say Portland, almost everyone gushes about the wonderful great outdoor activities Portland has to offer. Philadelphia Bridget wasn’t really into the great outdoors, but Portland Bridget is pretty open minded and willing to try new things. (Within reason. I will probably not start hunting or eating game meat, for example.)

So, I decided to practice. Sure, it was more out of necessity than wanting to practice, but it still counts, right? Yes, yes it does. Here goes…

Kenny and I camped out on our bedroom floor the last night in our house.

Sure, we were protected from the elements and there were no wild animals scratching at the bedroom door to get in, but I did crack the window so we felt a little bit of the outside. I woke up cold with stiff joints and a stuffy nose – quite how I imagine I would if I slept on the forest floor under the stars. This definitely counts as camping. (Checking the box!)

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