Hi Honey, what do you think about moving to Portland?

September 29, 2011

An end of May call from an on-the-road Kenny started out innocently enough. You know, the usual ‘How are things? Everything ok? I miss you terribly and cannot wait to see your gorgeous face again.’ (Ok maybe that last part is a stretch – but it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to throw in given what was coming next.)

Kenny: So, uh, there’s an opportunity for me to move to Portland.

Me: OK…

Kenny: What do you think? Would you be into that?

Me: Sure…But if you don’t do it – do you still have a job? Is it an opportunity or a sure thing?

Kenny: Not sure. Details are sketchy. But basically, they are moving all the roles on my team back to headquarters.

Me: When?

Kenny: I think before September.

Good talk, right? Let’s move across the country…potentially sometime before the kids start school again…to a place you’ve never even visited. Maybe. I’ll let you know soon. In the meantime, just sit back and relax. Haha.

And so the story begins…

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