Finally, some details!

September 29, 2011

Over the next couple weeks, I jumped every time Kenny’s phone rang. He did, too. He was desperate for information. I am pretty sure his desperation for information was less for his own edification and more so I would stop asking him over 100 questions a day that he had no answers for.

We dangled in June. Literally drove each other crazy with speculation. ‘Are we moving? Are we not? What do you think the chances are that this is gonna happen? Come on. Really. What do you think? What does your gut say? We should start on the house just in case. Should we sign Gav up for Fall soccer? Grace for dance? What about school? Think they’ll start out here? We can’t make September happen, can we?’ Good, fun times. I tried to be patient. I think I was. I felt patient. Maybe Kenny will comment below whether I was or not. Hahah.

Ultimately, Kenny got a promotion that made going west coastal a good idea, and thankfully, my boss was supportive of me making the move and keeping my role.

Let the adventure begin – we’re moving. From Philadelphia to Portland.

Oh. Right after we get our house ready for market.


That’s an adventure in and of itself.

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