New Lights!

Well, we did it.

We swapped out the light above our dining table. We weren’t totally sure we needed to (as I said here), but when the light we were eyeing went on sale for a limited time, we figured we should take advantage.

The old switcheroo worked out well – our old light looks perfect in Grace’s room and our new one better matches the overall vibe we have going on downstairs. It’s a bit hard to capture it in pictures because it’s a heavy wire frame with an open construction, but it looks pretty dramatic in person.

It was a little bit of a sad project – back home electrical work would have meant spending time with our friend Paul who is an electrician. This time, I spent time with Daryl. Nice, but not quite the same.

Light over the dining table – before:

New dining room table
New dining room table


















Light over the dining table – after

New light over dining table
New light over dining table


















Light in Grace’s room – before:

Old light in Grace's room
Old light in Grace’s room

















Light in Grace’s room – after:

New light in Grace's room
New light in Grace’s room



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