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Yep, almost two years in and still setting up the house how we want it – haha. Does everyone take this long to get things just so?

The latest addition – a new dining room table. Somehow, our old dark wood table (shown here) didn’t *quite* work in our Portland house. Looked great in Jenkintown, where our house was 120 years old and more traditional pieces and wood stains fit nicely with a few pops of modern stuff. In Portland? Not so much. It felt overly fussy or something.

The new one? Fits just right. Seems to brighten up the whole space. Of course, it’s also August in Portland and it’s generally perfect weather at this point in the year, so the sunlight is gloriously streaming through the windows. That could help. Hahaha. (The shot with the old dining room table in the link above was taken in typically dreary May.)

And, since we’re in Portland, this little nugget helps us fit in ;):

Of course, like any new update to your living space, you question other things in the room. I like the light fixture above the table, but didn’t think it fit with the old table. I was planning to replace it with something a little more industrial chic / rustic, then move this fixture into Grace’s room. I do think it works better with the new table, but maybe it’s still not just right? I think I will live with it for a few weeks and see how I feel. Let me know if you have any thoughts. 🙂