For those of you who bet Kenny would be the first to lop off a side mirror of car when backing out of the garage – CONGRATULATIONS! You won. Of course, there is no monetary prize because I now have to pay to get the mirror fixed, but hopefully you are the sort for which the sheer joy of winning is what excites you.

I got an email while at work today to tell me he “knocked the mirror when pulling out today and that the mirror popped out of the case, but not to worry because he made an appointment to get it fixed on Friday at 8 a.m.”

Happy Black Friday to us! I was hoping for a new side mirror this Christmas. That Santa is good. He really delivers. And early, too!


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  1. YES… I actually had myself in the pool. The kids are really impressed with the new morning routine. Every morning is an adventure. Besides “mirror-gate” – I have driven off with the front door wide open and my lovely wife on a conference call. I have forgotten my badge for work – which is how we open the door at school – so of course the kids have asked me every day since – “Dad, did you remember your badge?” We sing songs and dance. We eat snacks – yes, snacks on the way to school because it IS a 10 min drive. We discuss underwear in pockets – swimming on Tuesdays brings a lot of interesting morning topics. I have always wanted to get out there and expereince Black Friday – this year i will be first in line at the dealership for a new mirror!

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