Feline Following. Or Are We Following the Felines?

November 20, 2011

Still house shopping. Yaaaaaay.

However, a pattern is emerging. A furry, furry pattern. That meows.

Yep – another house shopping cat story. This one *might* be better than the last.

We visited a lovely home on Friday. Spacious, pretty views, backs to green space. (That’s Portlandese for trees that won’t be cut down to accommodate further development.)

I was touring the second floor with our realtor. Kenny and Grace were touring downstairs. (Gavin was at school. Grace was “sick” and got sent home early.) The realtor opened one of the bedroom doors and an alarm sounded. He pushed the door open further and lo and behold! it was an ENTIRE BEDROOM dedicated to cats.

Now, you may be thinking cat artwork. Nope. Cross-stitched cat pillows? Nope. Cat throw blankets? Nope. I am not talking decor.

It was literally a room designed for Mittens (After last time, I decided I am naming all animals I encounter when house shopping. Meet Mittens.) It has numerous structures like this (no less than three), a few cat beds a litter box and an abundance of cat toys. Oh, and Mittens himself (or herself) was there to welcome you to his cat palace. Apparently, he was on lock down, hence the alarm.

I was hysterical laughing. I have never, ever seen such a thing. It was like a nursery. But for cats. Or one cat. I only saw one. Naturally, Grace was DELIGHTED by this cat and wanted to open the door for multiple viewings.

The listing says they will re-carpet and sanitize that room for any takers. Woof.

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