Science School / Outdoor School Prep

February 20, 2018

Outdoor school prep.

Knowing that Gavin will, for sure, skip showering once he realizes it’s not a requirement and that none of his friends are doing it, I still packed a washcloth, small towel and bar of soap into a waterproof zip pack just in case. There’s a list of what to pack, and I am generally a rules-follower . Combine that with my general tendency to be a “what if…” type of person…well, you can imagine I don’t pack lightly. (Exhibit A: my “purse” size.)

Actual conversation last night:

Me: “Where should I put this lip balm?”

Ken: “Just put it in the never-to-be-opened personal hygiene pouch.”

Me: “Does he need more underwear?”

Ken: “Pretty sure he only needs one pair. If he’s not showering, do you think he’s going to change his underwear? Like he’s going to sneak into the corner of the cabin to freshen up his undercarriage?”

Me: “Keep the four. I think he will want to use the lip balm if he gets chapped lips. You don’t think he will want to brush his hair?”

Ken: “I don’t think he will take his hat off his head the whole time.”

Me: “What about Aquaphor if his skin gets chapped?”

Ken: 😶

Me: “Let’s just keep the soap and washcloth. He might want to wash his face. Gavin?

Come here, please…I put this washcloth and soap in here in case you want to wash your face or anything. Do you think you will use it?”

Gavin: 😶

Me: Puts it in bag.

All this for two nights, folks. Granted, two nights in a snowy forest with moderately heated cabins, but two nights. Oh, and Kenny’s chaperoning so I am not even sendin

g him alone!

Sending him to college should be awesome.

P.S. I made him test his sleeping bag this morning for good measure.  I can’t help myself! FFS.

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