School Picture Day

September 19, 2017

Today was everyone’s favorite: School Picture Day. Or, the parent preferred: Fashion Battle [insert year here] and Hair Style Throw Down [insert year here]. Or…maybe that’s just the Clark parent’s preferred nomenclature. I suspect not, but maybe it’s just us.

We were on such a good path leading up to pictures this year. Grace asked to pick out a dress in late August. Done.  And, although rather last minute, Gavin asked to wear khakis and a dress shirt a mere 14 hours before smile time. The only issue was that he’s 10, soon to be 11, which means he lives in Nike gear. And, we never really do anything fancy, so we typically only buy one pair of khakis and one collared shirt a year. But…since he’s 10, soon to be 11, he’s growing at a fairly rapid pace and his latest set of “dress clothes” was a bit short and a bit snug. I was so giddy that the sucker asked to wear khakis and a dress shirt, I pulled out all the stops last night to make it happen. (Which basically means I went to Target on a school night between soccer taxi duties #bignightout #workingmomgoals). I know I am not alone in my joyousness over seeing my kids all spiffed up, so hoping many of you would have done the same?! Haha.

So, after ordering a dress for Grace in August, and then squeezing in a just-in-time Target run, combing through the racks (which was hilarious in and of itself), making a $40 investment in some new duds, doing an extra load of laundry and breaking out the the iron (!!!), I present to you our super stylish, amazing 2017 School Picture outfits.




Mhmmm, your eyes are seeing properly. Grace is not in a dress. Gavin’s not in khakis or a collared shirt. This might as well be any other Tuesday, except that Grace’s hair is down.

I mean, Gavin’s collared shirt IS balled up in his school bag so he can throw it on right before he cheeses, so I guess that’s something. Ironically, this ended up actually kinda saving us because my iron broke in the middle of ironing…probably from severe under use over the years. (Side note – that may be a world record winner for the number of “iron”s in one sentence, yea?)

What the hell happened? Well, they both realized this morning that they had P.E. before their pictures, so their chosen outfits weren’t the best choice. (Why is this a thing on picture day? I guess I am old-fashioned. Or scarred by my own Picture Day experiences? I mean, they do allow the kids to change, but what kid wants to do that? Apparently not mine.) It wasn’t worth the battle this morning. So we let it go, and put all our bets on the real money-makers…those smiles. Hahaha.

A few closing thoughts:

  1. Jekyl says: It’s business on the top, party on the bottom. They are fine. (Wrinkled collared shirts aside.)
  2. Hyde says: There better be some damn good smiles in those pictures.
  3. I say: Thank God they offer the re-take day – just in case.

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