March 17, 2017

Recently, I had the bright idea to make ‘breakfast for dinner’ for three reasons:

  1. My kids love it, and we rarely do it. (More on that later.)
  2. It was a great chance to use our first-ever waffle maker, which I had gotten on super-sale at Williams Sonoma after the holidays.
  3. It was a “quick and easy”.  (In my head. Not IRL.)

I planned a simple menu of Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes homemade waffles and bacon.

Easy. So easy. On paper.

Except, well, I had never made homemade waffles before.

And, apparently that shit is an art form – and I’ve managed to prepare an underground version of a waffle art gallery that may actually make my mother-in-law disown me. (She cooks perfectly gorgeous Belgian waffles for all major holidays like it’s her job. People would legit pay good money for those babies!)

Hopefully, waffle making skills come from the paternal side. Let’s take a look. (You can click the pictures if you want to see all the waffle gore – they got a little cut off in the gallery view below.)

All this? Not quick. Not easy.

In fact, by the time Kenny got home from a soccer board meeting, I was totally sweating. AND, I had already sent the kids to bed. Because despite actually eating the “waffles” I made, they also managed to pound, well…a pound of bacon while I was standing over this God-forsaken machine cooking the rest of their dinner. So there was none left for anyone else.

Job one for Kenny going forward? To remind me – emphatically – that breakfast is best when it’s made and served on a rainy Sunday morning when we have nothing to do and all day to clean up the kitchen carnage that only a homemade breakfast can leave behind.

And Diane Clark, kudos to you and your amazing waffles. You may just get a second waffle maker (very slightly used) for Mother’s Day this year – hahaha! (Just kidding. I will try again. Maybe. On a Sunday morning. Or…maybe not.)

Finally, Mom – good call with whatever the ShopRite brand of frozen waffles are called. Good call indeed.

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