Mom! You’re So Embarrassing. (Sunscreen-style)

June 10, 2015

Yep, already.

I am already mortifying my kids. It only gets better from here, right?

Today’s cause?

Those little gems right up at the top there.

And, no, they are not embarrassing because they don’t rub in well and leave a pale white pallor on the kids’ skin once applied. (We love both of these products – they work really well. Trust me – this means a lot coming from a mom of two kids with Irish blood, one of whom is a red-head. Which is good, because they are not cheap. Haha.)

It’s because I forgot to apply them on our dear gal Grace before she left for a very sunny field trip today.

Which means I effectively had to run into her classroom like a loon – wielding the sunscreen while proclaiming what a moron of a mom I was this morning for forgetting to apply it.

Just kidding. That actually would have been embarrassing. Mostly for me. Sort of for Grace.

She didn’t even notice my arrival.

Her friends did, however, and pointed me out to her.

She whipped her head around and smiled…for a second. Until she saw I was carrying the sunscreen.

She got up in a huff.

Turned her back to the class and rolled her eyes at me so hard I thought they’d never return to normal. I am sure this was quite special for the chaperone parents standing behind me to watch. I am guessing they all simultaneously crossed their fingers and hoped this little sweetheart of a gal was assigned to another parent. Haha!

She then swished her little hand back and forth while directing me to put the sunscreen in her backpack for later.

I softly reminded her that we forgot to put it on and I need to do it.

She was trying not to cause a scene in front of her teacher – I could tell. But she wanted to FREAK OUT. She gently tapped her foot flatly on the ground. If it was home, she would have stomped it. (It’s one of her more endearing behaviors.) She said in a hushed tone, “I am FINE. Just leave it in my backpack and I will do it on the bus.” Basically, she was saying, “Get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of here! My friends are watching!”

I said, “Let’s go into the hall and I will quickly put it on. Then you are done. And not at risk for being a red-and-white zebra.”

She sort of smiled as she brushed past me to get to the hall.

Once in the hall, she said, “Oh my gosh, Mom. That is so embarrassing! You can’t put sunscreen on me in front of the whole class.”

I enjoy that she thinks I would actually do that instead of pulling her into the hallway or bathroom. Hahaha. Apparently, kids are pre-programmed to think your number one goal in life is to embarrass them in front of their friends – any time after they turn seven years old.

I applied the sunscreen while telling her she will thank me when she’s my age and doesn’t have brown spots all over her skin. And she said, “Oh – like these?” and proceeded to point out some of my much-loved and hard-earned skin flaws. They were actually eye wrinkles vs. sun damage but who’s keeping track? I nodded and she totally redeemed herself with a soft kiss on my forehead and a quick “thanks!” as she told me she had to go because they were picking field trip / chaperone groups.

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