73 Degrees, Sunny and (apparently) Smelly

April 7, 2014

Portlanders are currently being teased with a burst of warm sunny days forecasted for this week. Today it’s 73 and sunny.

Over the past two years, we’ve learned that sunny days before July typically mean long sleeves / shorts or short sleeves / pants most of the time. However, today it’s legitimately warm, and our kids were poorly dressed for the weather – both were slightly sweaty with flushed cheeks when I retrieved them from after school care.

Gavin exclaimed, “It’s so hot out my armpit smells like peppers and sand.” (Quote of the year so far, in my opinion.)

Uh, what now? You’re seven. Your armpit smells? Already?!

“Your armpit smells like what?”, I asked just to make sure I heard him correctly.

I had indeed.

“Peppers and sand,” he said sunnily.

“Just one armpit?”, I asked.

“Yup. Just this one,” he said as he extended his right arm into the air as he traced a circle around the offending area.

Ew. WTH! I am still coming to terms that he’s already 7 and now he’s RIPE to top it off? Is he seriously old enough to be teetering on becoming a young man complete with all the boy smells?! When did this happen? I would say perhaps he needed a shower, but he just took one last night. Is this even normal at this age? Oh. Em. Gee.

Grace wrinkled her nose. I asked her if her armpit also smelled.

“Of course,” she said.

“Like what?”, I asked.

“Gorgeous flowers,” she giggled.


I would expect nothing less from her. Really.

And yes, of course, I sniffed his armpit.

Did I have to? Probably not. But I certainly don’t want him to be the smelly kid in school, so I figured it was in our best interest to see if we needed an emergency run to Target tonight for some Axe spray. We don’t. I think he just needs a good scrubbing in the shower tonight. We’ll see how this progresses…until then, we’ll stand up-wind. 😉

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