Apizza Scholls

February 18, 2013

Ooooooh! I feel almost cool! We went to Apizza Scholls last weekend.

This is exciting for two reasons 1) I made a reservation and 2) it was on Food and Wine’s 2012 best pizza places in the U.S. list . Don’t be fooled – we brought the kids,  but the fact that we brought them somewhere where I made a reservation was a step up from our normal weekend dinner outings. Hahaha!

We liked it, very much. The crust was thin and delicious and reminded us of some favorites back home.  Woo hoo! Finally! We got a plain tomato pie (sauce and cheese) and a tartufo bianco (white with truffle oil). Mmmmmm. Both were delicious. They were big – but I wanted to order two, so we had leftovers to take home (read: one less night of cooking) – haha. My plan worked out nicely! I definitely want to go back – there were a few other pies that were intriguing. Plus, we didn’t get any with meat toppings, and I know both my boys were missing that. 🙂

Bonus: they had cool art on the walls and played great music.

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