A Secret Mom Joy Thanks to Kindergarten

October 4, 2012

I kind of love Kindergarten.

And not for the obvious reasons like Gavin’s learning, expanding his horizons, making new friends, experiencing new things.

It’s because I am finally, after 36 years of being on this planet, getting the hang of using Cling Wrap. Joy! You see, my mother was a Cling Wrap pro – loved it, loved wrapping up food items in it, covering food with it, etc. I can still picture her whistling happy at the kitchen counter as she zipped little sheets of plastic right off the box and quickly wrangled whatever needed wrapping into a neat little package.

For me – Cling Wrap is pretty much enemy number one. Despite constant trying in my early days of marriage…I could never get it to zip off completely using those little teeth that inevitably cut some part of my hand / forearm / toe (if I dropped it). And after I managed to hack off whatever size I needed – typically some uneven twisted, stuck-to-itself-in-more- than-one-spot sheet of plastic with at least one stretched-out corner thanks to my ripping vs. using the teeth – I could never get it to lay flat on whatever it is that I was trying to apply it to, which quickly turned into me not actually being able to actually wrap anything with it. So, pretty much, I consistently ended up making little balls of Cling Wrap while cursing. Eventually I abandoned using it all together…leaving the 10 for $10 rolls I bought at Shop-Rite the year I got married hanging around in my pantry until I started gifting them to my mother randomly when she visited.

But now – since I have been making Gavin’s sandwiches for lunch, I am actually becoming quite good at it. Zip, wrap, done. Sweet! As an added bonus, we are almost all the way through our roll of Cling Wrap, which I am pretty certain is one of the originals I bought almost 11 years ago after we got married. See pictures – that is one old, beat up roll of Cling Wrap! And if it’s not an original, it was DEFINITELY NOT purchased in Oregon, which means that’s it’s over a year old and traveled across the country from Philadelphia.

[imagebrowser id=29]

Of course, this new skill is pretty much moot. Why? Because I live in Portland now and we super love recycling here, so I should consider switching to one of those re-usable sandwich sacks like so many of Gavin’s classmates have.


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