Low Tide Finds at Indian Beach

July 13, 2012

My favorite part of our trip to Indian Beach in Ecola State Park was walking around the areas of the beach that were exposed during low tide. I especially loved watching Gavin peeking around and under the rocks, seeing what he could dig up and scream with delight every time he found something. He loves to explore and I love that he loves that.

Grace is a bit more squeamish and less adventurous – she likes to find stuff but doesn’t want to touch anything or have anything touch her, and her first instinct is to turn on her heels and run. It’s pretty hilarious. It reminds me a bit of myself – there’s a story my brother Kevin loves to re-live where a neighborhood fireworks display pretty much made me feel like I was in a bunker being shelled by the enemies. One particular blast sent me running through the house towards the basement. And yes, I left my husband out front and my very young children upstairs in bed while I attempted to save myself from this fictional enemy attack. I am a much better mother now, so I definitely would grab at least one of them before taking off if it happened today. (Just kidding, just kidding. I would save them both, naturally. If I remembered them before I hit the basement. No clue what I was thinking back then people, no clue.)

Anyway, here are some pictures of our tide pool finds. It was a really nice time – and I have to say, one of the first days I truly relaxed and just ‘was’ in a very long time. Probably helps that I forgot my BlackBerry at home. I wonder if this means I am becoming a West Coaster? Hmmmm.

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