“Private” Bike Tours of Portland

I overheard this conversation yesterday:

Gavin: “Grace, I saw a guy riding his bike in pants and no shirt yesterday.”
Grace: nothing
Gavin: “And, then there was one with no shirt and just underpants.”
Grace: starts laughing.
Gavin: “And then behind him, there were NAKED guys riding bikes. With no clothes on.”
Grace: hysterical.

I looked at Kenny with a raised eyebrow, and asked why I didn’t hear this story. Kenny’s response was that he hoped it evaporated from both his and Gavin’s memories. Apparently not. And now I had to know the story so I made Kenny tell me. Here goes:

The boys were stopped at a red light downtown on the way home from a birthday party on Saturday. First car behind the line, of course. Optimal placement for naked bike rider viewing. Gavin calls out: “Hey, dad! Look at that guy – he’s riding his bike with just pants on.” (pause) “Wait. THAT guy has no pants and no shirt – he’s riding in his underwear.” (pause) “And THOSE guys are just riding in their privates.” By this point, Gavin was cracking up and declaring he couldn’t wait to tell Grace. And knowing Kenny, I am sure he was mortified beyond belief for a few reasons, namely that he had to see naked men riding bikes, then had to settle his hysterical five-year-old after they rode in front of their stopped car, then had to re-live two re-tellings of the story. (We can bank on him adding another layer of mortification when he has to read the story again on the blog.)

“Those guys are just riding in their privates.” Now THAT is just awesome. HAHAHA!


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