Hoods Are My Friend. Or So I Thought.

November 28, 2011

We’re heading into rainy season and currently have nice days sprinkled with not-so-nice days.

Hoods are quickly becoming a “fashion” staple – especially since my hair tends to get extra frizzy when wet. It just kind of grows a hair halo above my regular hair…think Diana Ross or that one episode of Friends where Monica’s hair takes on a life of its own during a tropical vacation. I can’t quite bring myself to get a rain hat or anything quite as ridiculous as that – yet. But it’s probably just a matter of time – read on.

Recently, the kids took notice of my new hood trend. Grace laughed herself through this gem: “Mom, you look weird with that hood on your hair.” Gavin cracked up and piled on: “Yea, mom. That looks funny.” Kenny let out a chuckle even though he was clearly trying not to react.

Hmmm. Between the hood and required galoshes to prevent Portland Pants, I am thinking I can just throw in the towel here. I am revising my Christmas list:

  • Zip-up Hoodies and Sweatpants (Plain – nothing fancy like a sparkly PINK or JUICY across my bottom, please. I have to save something for the holidays. Elastic around the ankles would be even better to round out the frump – and, bonus! – further help prevent Portland Pants.)
  • Bedazzled or Black velour sweatsuit – with a hooded top, please. (To be worn on all holidays. I will just change out the color of my socks to match whatever we’re celebrating.)
  • Baseball hats (For those days when I am not wearing a hoodie, but the weather looks threatening.)

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