The Packers – Day 2

Luckily, I was in New York City for work on Day 2 of Packing. I was probably much more productive and much less stressed than I would have been had I stayed home.

Some highlights:

  • At 9:30 a.m., Kenny sent an email entitled “Breakfast” which featured a picture of a clearly disgruntled Grace eating her daily waffle out of a Tupperware container using Kenny’s cake fork from the night before. Oh, and the waffle was cooked in the oven under the broiler because our toaster is gone. She was drinking milk out of a Dixie bathroom cup. No cups. At least we had the sustenance! Also, I think this makeshift solution seals the deal – Kenny should definitely be MacGyver for Halloween.
  • I only received one text from Kenny asking me about which outside toys to take with us. His vote was none; my vote was all. We split the difference and only left behind what they’ve outgrown or are likely to have outgrown by the end of Portland’s ‘rainy season’. (Hint to the aunts and uncles who are expecting – the left behinds are still the backyard. You know, as part of the home staging?!?)
  • I only sent one text to Kenny reminding him to take pictures of Day 2. That prompted a panicked text back.

Kenny: Where is it?

Bridget: In the brown leather bag in front of my nightstand.

Kenny: Silent. I knew he was freakin’ out because the nightstand was gone. And so was the bag.

Kenny – 8 minutes later:

Bridget – lesson learned. Safe zones are no joke!

  • This relocation is uncovering fascinating things for me. Did you know that there are companies that prepare TVs and large glass items for transport? Like guys – different guys than the packer guys – showed up to build wood frames / boxes to house our TVs and my glass desk top for the move. Fancy! Of course, had I stopped to think about it, this makes total sense, but still fascinating that this is a business.

Before heading home, the girls from work took me out to a wonderful dinner at Locando Verde (Robert DeNiro is a partner – aside from it being in Tribeca, this makes it 1000x fancier than my usual eateries.) I strolled in at Midnight to a near empty home and was delighted that our beds were not yet packed. These packers are good – I would much rather forgo my plates and cups in lieu of my bed!

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