Pantry Surprise

With only two weeks left before we head out, we’re really having to buckle down and get ourselves organized. And that’s raising a heck of a lot of questions for us. About things we’d never imagined we’d need to think about.

This weekend, for instance, we discussed what would happen to all the food in our pantry. We’ll be in corporate housing for a bit while we continue house shopping…and during that time, our stuff (read: life) will be in storage.


Do we ship the non-perishables to ourselves? I can see it now – “Oh, hooray, honey! Our balsamic vinegar has arrived! And so have the mandarin oranges. Woo hoo!”

Let the packers wrap them up, send them in a trailer for a two-week journey across the country, then have them sit in storage until we move into a house? Ew. Something about that seems weird to me, but it’s probably not that much different than what happens when things travel to your local Acme, right?!

At this point, we’re going to play digestive roulette and embark on a “pantry surprise” experiment. I am going to inventory what we have and coax the ingredients into meals. Anyone want to make a reservation? Hahaha. Work’s been pretty busy lately, so I am sure this will go out the window by Wednesday.

If (when) cooking fails – the local stores have their Philabundance boxes up in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Donating is a great option!


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