We got to put the stress of house selling aside for a few days. First ever visit to Portland for me and the kids – woooooo hoooooo!

We connected in Chicago and had breakfast at Chili’s. Who knew Chili’s in the airport would serve breakfast? And yes, our tortilla-chip-fanatical kids caught a peek at some folks having salsa and chips for breakfast. And yes, that means we got some, too. Don’t judge. It’s always time for Chili’s salsa.

We then connected in Phoenix. And had ice cream for lunch. Listen, folks – this was a mini-vacation!

Finally, after seeing two-thirds of the country from an airplane window over the course of a full day, Oregon was in sight. And it was stunning. Snow-capped mountains, evergreen trees, lakes. I think this is gonna be good. It’s gonna work out.

It only took 12 hours to get there. (Don’t panic future, visitors – that’s not the norm!)

P.S. I killed my computer. And sadly hadn’t yet backed up my Portland pictures.



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