Sharrows on Skyline?

Fog + bikers + Skyline Boulevard = one nervous driver on a recent early evening drive. No, not me. Kenny. I was the nervous passenger. Haha. I was already nervous about the fog and Kenny taking the two-lane mountainous road – but then add some bikers who make me nervous on a normal, sunny day, […]


Apizza Scholls

Ooooooh! I feel almost cool! We went to Apizza Scholls last weekend. This is exciting for two reasons 1) I made a reservation and 2) it was on Food and Wine’s 2012 best pizza places in the U.S. list . Don’t be fooled – we brought the kids,  but the fact that we brought them somewhere where I […]

New Jersey Digs Oregon Beer

One of the best parts about Portland / Oregon is the thriving local brewery scene. My dad apparently agrees – and ordered a Portland brew tonight at the local Buffalo Wild Wings back in New Jersey! I love this text for two reasons – 1) Portland made an impression and 2) he got auto-corrected, and subsequently, […]